How the sign up works?
Exactly as “physical” BUYER POINT, companies register themselves, complete their presentation and request the meetings with Buyers.

How do I know if more retailers have been added to the list?
As soon as the Buyers decide to participate, we will add new dates and retailers that you will find in the calendar. By creating your registration, you will receive a weekly newsletter with updates and new entries.

How much does an appointment cost?
Each appointment cost € 200 + VAT to pay directly online with traditional online payment systems (credit card, PayPal, etc...), one week before the scheduled date. Meetings are free for 2021 BUYER POINT exhibitors.

How long does an appointment take?
30 minutes.

I don’t have any meeting: is it normal?
Yes, it is. There are several registered companies and each Buyer could accept only 5 companies for each working day. However, if the Buyer was interested in meeting you, he/she has the opportunity to add one or more meeting days to encounter more companies.

I set a budget for meetings, how can I be sure not to exceed it?
Buyers’ acceptances are live and you can see them directly in your registration sheet. Moreover, we will write you an email to inform you about it. You can decide to request a limited number of appointments within your budget or ask for as many meetings as possible and, when you reach the budget, cancel the future meeting requests.

When will I know if I get the meeting?
Accepted meetings appear automatically and live in your personal sheet. Bear in mind that Buyers are free to accept one meeting up to one week before the scheduled date: after that, there will be a feedback for all companies, whether they obtained the meeting or not.

Is there a limit in the meetings request?
No, if you will obtain one or more meetings in the same date, they will be scheduled so that they do not overlap.

How the meetings take place?
Meetings are in video conferencing. The organizing secretary of BUYER POINT will take care of creating the sign-in link and make sure that Buyers and Companies are able to communicate properly.

How many people can make the meeting?
As much as you want, even from different workstations or places. The only suggest is to enter the email addresses of those you would like to involve during the payment: this way they will be able to participate to the virtual meeting.

I would like to send a catalogue to the Buyer, how can I do?
Our website is already organized to upload catalogues, brochures, documents, videos and links that will be able to present you to Buyer at your best. Buyers can download all these materials, to better evaluate the offer. However, during the payment we will give you also a physical address where to send your catalogue and all the stuff you think useful to the appointment.

I am not familiar with video conferencing, how can I do?
Actually, it’s very easy: we will send you an email and a link and it will be enough to click to be directly connected to the Buyer. Anyway, every week we will organize a “technical test” to those who will have the meetings the following week. If you think to have difficulties, we suggest you to participate in one of these tests.

Can I use the mobile phone to make the meetings?
Yes, technically it’s possible to participate with mobile phones or tablets. However, to better enjoy the services provided we suggest using a personal computer equipped with webcam and microphone.

In which language are the meetings organized?
Meetings between interlocutors of different languages will be in English. Obviously if they both speak a different language, they are free to choose the language they prefer.

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